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One Audience --Multi-Devices

Our audience intelligence data ensures that you target real, verified users on deliverable devices, so no impression is gone to waste. We utilize three sources:

                             Offline Data – demographic, geographic, postal address, purchase behaviors

                          Online Data – cookie data, online browsing, email address

                          Mobile Data – device ID, app downloads, app usage

Choose from 80 Unique Audience Segments or create your own specific target audience. We then

deliver ad impressions to those individuals on whatever device they are engaging with.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Starting with a base of 10K emails, a percentage of those same individuals will also receive ad impressions delivered through social and mobile/desktop display -- optimized to the channel that’s delivering stronger results. Frequency to each channel will vary:  1x by email, 1-2x on social and 5-6x on mobile/desktop display.  A total of 53K impression will be delivered.

                           Target:                                      Choose your audience 

                           Target Area:                           Radius around a store’s zip code or other geographic select

                           Impressions                            Product

                           10,000                                         Emails

                           10,000                                         Social

                           33,000                                         Mobile/Desktop Display

                           Deployed:                                 Over Two Weeks

                          Net Publisher Cost:   $585.00

                         Suggested Retail Cost:   $975.00 -- $1,250.00

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Conquest Email 

   Targeted to Reach New Customers

Deliver targeted offers and promotions

                    Unique NO MINIMUM quantity requirement (5K suggested)

                     No upfront investment

                     Use to complement an existing media schedule

Managed Program

                     We complete the fulfillment process

                             Call us for counts

                             Send us html ad material

                      B2C database has a total of 140 million opt-in emails

                      B2B database of 80 million opt-in emails

                      Ongoing data hygiene process

                              Verification of IP, postal & email addresses

                              All records are current, either active users or opted-in within the last 12 months


                       Demographic, geographic and lifestyle selects

                       Date & Time drop scheduling capability

                       Real time tracking results

                       Net Publisher Cost:   $16.50 CPM

                       Suggested Retail Cost:   $40 - $55 CPM


 Build Your Own Online Ads

                        Designed to maximize the revenue you’re getting from your website ad space.

                        Customize ad to fit editorial on the page. Or create general ads that encourage users

                        to explore travel & entertainment options. You have flexibility to create the size,

                        look & feel, merchant mix & placement.

                        Ads show users a variety of options they can explore with just a click or two.

                        All advertisers are pre-sold. Over 200 well known companies.

                        36 different advertiser categories.

                       Out performs regular display & search ads by a factor of 3-10x.

                        This is a pay-per-click, revenue share model. You keep 60%

                        of all revenue generated.

                        No costs or fees to participate..

Listing & Reputation Management​

Listings Create Leads  


             Our program ensures that you have:


             Accurate, complete & compelling business information on search sites such as: Google,

             Bing,  Yahoo, Yellow Pages and more.

               It optimizes how you appear on Google & Apple Maps, so when someone

             searches for your business the right information is there.

Build Your Reputation

              88% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations.

              If you have a bad review and don’t respond people will likely choose a competitor.

              We provide review monitoring and management across all major online review sites

              like: Google, Yelp, Facebook and more.

              Save time and money by removing the need to visit each review site one-by-one.

              Receive top-class service with advanced reporting and analysis features.


               Net Publisher Cost:  $499.00 per location/per year

              Suggested Retail Cost:  $1,000-$1,200 per location/per year